Level Four: King James I and the Lost Passage

After the first publication of Hamlet in 1603, rumors about Shakespeare’s hidden code spread through inner circles of the monarchy, reaching Queen Elizabeth I.

Intrigued by the reference to a secret passage in the Bible which described the hiding place of the Holy Grail, she entrusted the revival of the Grail Quest to her personal astrologer, Jon Dee.

A few months later, the Queen died without properly naming an heir and King James of Scotland ascended to the English throne. Curiously his first act as King was to set about publishing a new version of the Bible, which omitted the secret passage and came to be known as the famous KING JAMES BIBLE.

Still searching for the Grail in her majesty’s name, Jon Dee discovered the manifestos written by Valentin Andrae, which explained that the Grail symbols – the Rosy Cross and the Golden Stone, - referred to real men named Rosenkreutz and Goldenstone who possessed a document that would break the code in the bible.

Before he could return to England with this knowledge, Jon Dee became ill and died, and his diaries mysteriously vanished.

Soon after this, Andrae recanted the manifestos, saying he had made up the whole story: that Rosenkreutz and Goldenstone had never existed.

Why did the trail suddenly go dark and who was behind this cover up?

Our sources suggest that ROSENKREUTZ AND GOLDENSTONE themselves had pulled down the curtain, because they had never intended for their secret to get out. The spreading awareness of the Grail conspiracy had become a threat to their existence, and had forced them into hiding.

But from whom were they hiding? Find out in Level 5.
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