Level Two: Shakespeare & Vampires

Who—or what—was the real Prince Hamlet?

When Shakespeare wrote Hamlet, in 1601, he inserted secret codes and messages into the story
that have baffled scholars for centuries.

We of the Clandestine Order of Rosicrucians and Goldenstone have tracked these mind-boggling paradoxes:

The first is the mystery of Hamlet’s age. In act five scene one Hamlet says it was “three and twenty seven years” since Yorick was buried. The math doesn’t add up. Hamlet just finished college, so how could he have known Yorick?

In Act Three, Scene Two, we see Hamlet’s most baffling soliloquy, in which he says: Tis now the very witching time of night… Now I could drink hot blood.

What does Hamlet mean here? What was Shakespeare hiding with those words?

The answer lies with the mysterious figure of Francis Bacon, thought by some scholars to be the true author of Shakespeare’s greatest work.

Bacon worked closely with the mystic Valentine Andrae. Scholars believe that Bacon learned the story of Hamlet from Andrae, but our sources indicate that Bacon’s true identity was Horace or Horatio, a 2000-year-old vampire, who personally witnessed the events described in Hamlet, explaining the mysteries in the text. We have discovered these mysteries to be clues to a heavily guarded secret that…Prince Hamlet himself was a vampire.

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